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What Is a BEST Scan?

The BEST Scan

Bio Energy Systems Technology Scan –is a disruptive technology that provides every individual an opportunity to ‘see’ the energy exchanges going on within their body. It is a simple yet sophisticated measurement tool – that takes only 5 minutes to do – is safe and effective and produces a comprehensive easy to read and understand whole-body status report based on your bioenergetics.

There are many years of research behind the BEST Scan, as well as an FDA clearance as an evoked photon image capture device used to detect electrophysiological (bioenergetic) signals emanating from the skin.

Why is the BEST Scan important to you?

  1. It is easy, painless, non-invasive, and fast.

  2. It provides a comprehensive and personalized assessment of an individual's energetic field (bioenergetics), cellular electrical status and real-time physiological activities, identifying imbalances that can impact physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By detecting these disruptions early, before and after they manifest as physical symptoms, the scan allows for proactive and targeted interventions to restore balance and promote overall health. This holistic approach not only enhances self-awareness and empowers individuals to make informed health decisions but also complements other medical and therapeutic treatments, leading to improved energy levels, stress reduction, and long-term wellness.

  3. Did you know that:

    • The body runs on bio-electricity.

    • Cells function in an electromagnetic environment with approximately -20 to -25 millivolts of potential.

    • Inadequate voltage potential in the cellular environment is known to be a characteristic of chronic disease.

    • Nutrients, water, and oxygen support the healthy voltage potential and create new healthy cells.

    • A failure to sustain healthy potentials leads to a lack of healthy cells to carry out the work required by the body.

  4. The information provided is comprehensive and includes all primary organ systems and structures of the body.

Using the BEST Scan we can now measure your bio-electricity within the body, see it, assess it, and identify potential risks of disease.

The importance and utility of the BEST Scan

Personalized Health Insights

The Bio Energy Systems Technology (BEST) scan provides personalized health insights that are tailored to your unique biofield/bioenergetics, cellular electrical status, and physiological functions. Just as each person's fingerprints are unique, so is their biofield and cellular electrical status. The scan offers detailed information on the state of your energetic field, your cellular activity, and overall physiological functions, helping you understand specific imbalances and areas that need attention.

Early Detection of Imbalances

Early detection of cellular electrical (bioenergetic) imbalances, and challenged physiological activities can be crucial in preventing future health issues. The BEST scan can identify disruptions in your bioenergetics before they manifest as physical symptoms. By addressing these imbalances early, you can take proactive steps to maintain and improve your health.

Holistic Health Assessment

Unlike traditional medical tests that focus solely on physical symptoms, the BEST scan provides a holistic assessment of your well-being. It considers your mental, and emotional health, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your overall state. This holistic approach ensures that no aspect of your well-being is overlooked.

Personalized Wellness Plans

Based on the results of your BEST scan, you can receive a personalized wellness plan that includes recommendations for lifestyle adjustments, dietary and nutritional direction, exercise, therapeutic interventions, and other holistic practices. These tailored plans are designed to help you restore balance and enhance your overall well-being.

Stress Reduction and Emotional Balance

The scan can reveal areas where stress and emotional blockages are affecting your bioenergetics. By identifying these areas, you can work on specific techniques to reduce stress and achieve emotional balance. This can lead to improved mental clarity, better emotional regulation, and a more peaceful state of mind.

Improved Energy Levels

Energetic imbalances can often result in fatigue and low energy levels. The BEST scan helps pinpoint the root causes of these energy drains, allowing you to address them effectively. As you work on re-balancing your biofield/bioenergetics, you may experience a significant boost in your energy levels and overall vitality.

Enhanced Healing and Recovery

For those dealing with chronic illnesses or recovering from injuries, the BEST scan can be a valuable tool in supporting the healing process. By ensuring that your bioenergetics are balanced, you create an optimal environment for your body to heal itself more efficiently and effectively.

Empowerment and Self-Awareness

Undergoing a BEST scan can be an empowering experience. It increases your self-awareness and helps you understand how your lifestyle, thoughts, and emotions impact your energetic field. Armed with this knowledge, you can make more informed decisions about your health and well-being.

Integration with Other Therapies

The insights gained from a BEST scan can complement and even optimize other medical and therapeutic treatments. By integrating the scan's findings with conventional medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic care, or other holistic therapies, you can achieve a more comprehensive and effective approach to your health.

Long-Term Health Benefits

Regular BEST scans can help you maintain long-term health and prevent potential issues from arising. By continuously monitoring your biofield and making necessary adjustments, you can stay in tune with your body's needs and ensure sustained well-being.

An Invaluable Tool to Help You Meet and Exceed Your Wellness Goals

A Bio Energy Systems Technology scan is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to gain deeper insights into their health and well-being. By providing a personalized, holistic assessment of your biofield/bioenergetics, the scan empowers you to take proactive steps toward achieving balance and optimal health. Whether you're looking to improve your energy levels, reduce stress, support healing, or simply gain a better understanding of yourself, a BEST scan offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your unique needs.

Brain Scans

Sarah's Story

During her latest BEST Scan session, Sarah’s technician noticed an irregularity in her nervous and endocrine systems. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Sarah had an underlying issue with her thyroid gland. With this information, Sarah was able to take preventative measures to address the issue before it became a more serious health concern.

In addition to providing insight into potential health issues, the BEST Scan also allowed Sarah to track the progress of her overall wellness journey. She could see how her body was reacting to changes in her diet, exercise routine, and stress levels.  She began to notice a newfound sense of empowerment and control over her own health. She no longer felt like a passive recipient of medical treatment, but rather an active participant in her own wellness journey.

With each session, Sarah gained a deeper understanding of her body and the intricate workings of her energy fields. She learned how to listen to her body’s signals and adjust her lifestyle accordingly, leading to a happier, healthier, and more vibrant life.

For Sarah and many others, the BEST Scan has proved to be a revolutionary concept in the field of healthcare and wellness, providing individuals like Sarah with the tools and knowledge to take control of their own health.

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