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How Does It Work?

The BEST Scan is a coronal imaging system coupled with proprietary mathematical algorithms that allow for the automatic translation of images into a fully interpretive whole-body report on the bioenergetics and electro-physiological status of organs and systems throughout the body. 

The coronal process involves energizing the cellular processes within your tissues – a completely safe and non-invasive process. The cellular processes include local ion concentrations, mineral levels, and other electrical activities within your blood and cells, including the mitochondrial respiration processes.

Coronal Images

The Global Communication System of Your Body

Did you know that the body is a global electromagnetic communication system?

Image by Ben Sweet

The human body is a complex and highly integrated system, where communication occurs not only through biochemical signals but also through electromagnetic interactions. Understanding this global electromagnetic communication system is crucial for grasping how the body maintains homeostasis and responds to various stimuli. Here’s how it works:

1. Bioelectromagnetic Fields

  • Every cell in the body generates electrical charges through metabolic processes, creating tiny electromagnetic fields. When many cells work together, their combined electrical activity generates larger bioelectromagnetic fields. These fields are most prominently produced by the heart and brain, which are critical to overall bodily function.

    • Heart: The heart’s electrical activity can be measured by an electrocardiogram (ECG), which reveals rhythmic patterns that are essential for pumping blood and coordinating bodily functions.

    • Brain: The brain's electrical activity is measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG), showing the complex signaling that underlies thought, movement, and sensory processing.

    • Whole Body: The body’s bioenergetics and electrophysiological status can be measured by the Bio Energy Systems Technology (BEST) Scan, assessing the electrical activity of more than 49 systems and structures without the body.  

2. Cellular Communication

  • Cells communicate through bioelectrical signals. Ion channels and electrical gradients across cell membranes create action potentials, which are the primary means of communication within and between cells. This is especially critical in nerve cells (neurons), which transmit electrical impulses rapidly over long distances to coordinate complex processes.

    • Neural Networks: Neurons communicate via synapses, where electrical signals are converted to chemical signals and back to electrical signals, facilitating rapid and precise information transfer.

    • Muscle Contraction: Electrical impulses trigger muscle contractions, essential for movement and bodily functions such as the heartbeat.

3. Electromagnetic Field Interactions

  • The body’s electromagnetic fields interact with each other to maintain internal balance and respond to external stimuli. These interactions help synchronize physiological processes across different systems.

    • Heart-Brain Interaction: The heart and brain communicate bidirectionally via electromagnetic fields and nerve pathways, influencing each other’s rhythms and functionality.

    • Energetic Homeostasis: These electromagnetic interactions contribute to maintaining the body’s homeostasis, helping regulate functions such as metabolism, immune response, and stress adaptation.

4. External Influences

  • The body’s electromagnetic fields can be influenced by external sources, such as environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which can impact health. Understanding these interactions helps in developing protective strategies against potentially harmful exposures.

    • Environmental EMFs: High levels of exposure to artificial EMFs from electronics and other sources can disrupt the body’s natural fields, potentially leading to health issues.

    • Therapeutic EMFs: Conversely, controlled application of electromagnetic fields in therapies like transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) can positively influence brain function and treat certain conditions.

5. Measurement and Analysis

  • Technologies like BEST Scan, ECG, and EEG, as well as other bioenergetic imaging techniques, allow scientists and healthcare providers to measure and analyze the body’s electromagnetic fields. These measurements provide insights into health status and can guide interventions.

    • Diagnostic Tools: Tools like the BEST Scan,  ECG, and EEG help diagnose and monitor conditions related to the major organ systems in the body in addition to heart and brain health.

    • Biofield Therapies: Techniques such as Reiki, acupuncture, and therapeutic touch may influence the body’s biofield to promote healing and well-being.

The global electromagnetic communication system of the body is a fundamental aspect of human physiology, encompassing the generation, interaction, and regulation of bioelectromagnetic fields. These fields play a crucial role in cellular communication, synchronization of bodily functions, and overall health. Understanding this system enhances our ability to diagnose, treat, and maintain optimal health by integrating both traditional and bioenergetic approaches.

The Four Major Battery Packs

There are four major battery packs in your body:

Muscle Battery Pack

Your muscles are stacked in a specific order to provide piezoelectric electron energy exchange. Each organ has a corresponding muscle power pack – the muscles are surrounded by fascia and collagen, and the primo vascular system (PVS) is designed to move electrons/energy at a light speed, in specific directions. Together the muscle stack along with the PVS serves as the wiring system for your body, carrying energy through the PVS to each organ. These pathways have been shown to correlate with acupuncture meridians.

Cell Membranes

Made of phospholipids (fat cells) – act as capacitors to store electrons/energy.


ADP/ATP production during cellular respiration is a rechargeable battery in every cell.


Negatively charged structured water found in the cells, and the extracellular tissues. Healthy mineralized water supports health in ways we have yet to fully appreciate.

Healthy Voltage across the body produces a specific spectrum of light as captured by BEST scan.

What Is Your Energy Level?

Are you running in the red, green or somewhere in between? Find out now with the BEST Scan.

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