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About Us

HealthECircuits and the BEST scan technology was developed by Nancy R. Rizzo M.S. Ph.D. DABR


The innovative BEST Scan technology allows individuals to truly understand and visualize the dynamic energetic interactions created by their mind/body connections and lifestyle choices.

By measuring the biofield, the BEST Scan correlates your body's energy exchange with your nutrition, exercise, sleep, and overall joy, offering a comprehensive view of your well-being.

BEST Scan technology does not identify, diagnose, or treat any disease or medical condition.

Our Mission

Allowing every individual to understand themselves, energetically, physically, and mindfully, thereby improving their experience of Joy, Health, and Peace.

Our Vision

HealthECircuits strives to empower personal wellness through innovative technologies, education, and improved application with a focus on functional, emotional, and energetic elements.

What We're Good At

We are experts at enabling a  conversation with the body via our BEST Scan and providing valuable insights and information to help every individual make better decisions in reaching their health and wellness goals.

Our Story

At HealthECircuits the focus is on energy, your energy! It is paramount to us that you see and experience yourself as a dynamic energetic being. Once you can see and understand the energy movement within your body, true health can be achieved. Learning the energetic exchange between your mind, body, and spirit can make all the difference in achieving true health and well-being.

The BEST scan has had over 15 years of development and research. It has also achieved clearance through the FDA DeNovo process. Research has included identifying serious disease states, ER triage, traumatic brain injury, and metabolic syndrome. Subtle energy research is also a key utilization of the technology’s capabilities.

HealthECircuits is passionate about your health and well-being and exploring the interchange with energies of the world around us.

Nancy R. Rizzo, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Th.D., DABR


  • Certified Clinical Homeopathic Specialist (2022)

  • Certified Functional Health Coach (2018)

  • HeartMath® Certification (2017)
    Certified Trainer

  • Doctor of Philosophy (2002)
    Energy Medicine/Biophysics

  • Doctor of Theology (2002)
    Spiritual Healing/Energy Medicine

  • Diplomate American Board of Radiology (1997)
    Therapeutic Radiologic Physics

  • Master of Science (1987)
    Radiological Physics (Therapeutic)

  • Bachelor of Science (1984)
    Medical Physics

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