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Energy of Wellness

Interesting Facts

  1. Every chemical/molecular interaction that occurs in the body is preceded and mediated by an electromagnetic signal. Body Energetic Potentials/Voltage are indicators of Health and Disease states. (H. Burr)

  2. The electromagnetic signaling that occurs throughout the body is referred to as the orchestrating biofield.

  3. Biophotons, or ultraweak photon emissions of biological systems, are weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum – in other words: light. All living cells of plants, animals, and human beings emit biophotons that cannot be seen by the naked eye. (M.Bischof)

You have over 50 trillion cells in your body

You are a community, not a single entity. And you Mind is the leader of the community, governing and orchestrating the events within and without the community’s environment.

A healthy mind will build good health

You are a community, not a single entity. And you Mind is the leader of the community, governing and orchestrating the events within and without the community’s environment.

  1. Newtonian Mechanics – atoms, space, motion, discrete entities, and laws of force, there are bits and the bits comprise the whole, that each component can be broken down into its smaller components, but the kicker is that each component is seen as separate unto itself.

  2. Vitalism, originating with Socrates alongside Sacred Geometry and Biogeometry – Explores the invisible energy field that gives shape and form to matter. This wonderful field is aware, precedes and is independent of the material world. Within the field all is perfect and ideal, unchanging and intelligent.

Mind Body – Vital Force that orchestrates the form, function and health of the body.

The body is not a machine, it is an energy field directed by a quantum consciousness. The mechanistic view sees the world and its components from the inside out, while the field view sees the world and its components from the outside in as well as an integral wave of energy that exchanging information from the outside to within and from within to manifesting outward.

The Energy of Wellness

Currently the conventional medical model involves the physician looking at the physical body and tries to understand the mechanics of the body outputs: Blood, Urine, Symptoms, and other functions.

However what is really effecting the body/mind is the stressors found in our environment, job, family, your surroundings, the community at large, and the perception held regarding those areas.

You’ve heard the statement “Good Vibes” – when something is in coherence with or in resonance with the result is harmonious and provides a feeling of wellbeing. When something is producing destructive interference – no resonance, no coherence – these are “Bad Vibes”. The world works on vibrations, and frequencies, communication is inherent in the field, and energy is felt throughout the body.

Electromagnetic signaling allows for the manufacturing of proteins for the body to use. Atoms are waves of probability of energy. Waves can be coherent fostering strong and perpetual signaling, waves can also be incoherent – interfering in constructive communication, non-resonance. All waves together form the field. You are both the atoms, and you are also the field. The entirety of energy is akin to a wave/field soup. It is not possible to create a separation within the field or between the waves. The waves might move at different speeds/frequencies, but they are still as part of the field, and cannot be parted from it. You are connected to the field, always. You are connected to everyone and everything – always.

Every Atom or molecule emits and absorbs light of characteristic wavelengths. By tuning the BEST scanner to specific wavelengths of the mind and body, atoms, molecules, disturbances in the field can be detected with unprecedented ability.

Light is energy, it is both electric and magnetic, and it is a wave field. It carries information, and that information is perceived by you, as being constructive a ‘good vibe’, or as being destructive a ‘bad vibe’. Some of this perceiving you are aware of but a majority of the field assessment takes place within a higher consciousness, that acts as the orchestrator of the biofield, guiding and providing direction for a majority of your body systems to function.

Your mind/body is a continuum of energy being absorbed and radiated. You are an energy wave. There are specific frequencies for each atom. Spectrometers – measurement systems that can assess the wavelengths of light being emitted from atoms and molecules.

Now the BEST scan can measure the wavelengths being emitted from your body to assess the energy of your body and the energy from specific parts and systems within the body. “Drug companies sell chemicals! They do not sell Energy” Bruce Lipton, a drawback within the conventional medicine paradigms.

Every Element has its own energy/frequency. CT scans, MRI’s, Ultrasound all measure the vibrations of the tissues and cells. Specific vibrations that are returned via the images that are collected via the CT, MRI, and ultrasound, can indicate whether there is a change from normal being observed. These systems can only see gross changes, they have to be of a particular size, before these systems can measure them, which means something has to be abnormal long enough to form a physiological change.

With the BEST scan you can see the energy  disturbances that precedes physiological change, allowing you a window into the energetics of the body, to potentially prevent and/or mitigate health issues before they arise.

In this example of metal filings being shaped by the magnetic field produced by a bar magnet, we can demonstrate that the field shapes the shape that matter will take. Not only is this true of metal filings but of the whole body too.

Field and Matter combined produce Structure. Consciousness (the Mind) is the builder and designer of the body, and most certainly the director of your experience in the 3D world.

Every cell in your body is a mini battery

Every cell in your body is a mini battery, with a minus (negative) voltage on the inside and a positive voltage on the outside.

The average voltage of a human cell’s membrane potential is 0.07 volts. With 50 trillion cells in the body, a potential of 3.5 trillion volts can be appreciated. (Lipton)

Electro potentials that exist within the body, can contribute to the formation of proteins to serve different functions and pathways within the body. Just as with the individual cells, you as a community of cells create body systems such as the respiratory system, the circulatory system, the digestive system, the immune system, and others.

It is the signals within the cells, individuals of the community that contributes to the whole. The mitochondria, a specific organelle within the cell is your energy storehouse. Each cell requires energy to function. The food that you eat, the air that you breathe and the water you drink, supply the mitochondria with the fuel to create energy that your body will use.

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