Understanding Results

Scan Report

The report begins with a Systems Dashboard. This Dashboard is a snapshot of the vital systems within your body – Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Lymphatic & Immune, Renal & Reproductive, Nervous & Endocrine, Musculoskeletal, and Sensory.

The Systems Dashboard provides overall scores for each system. The large number represents the physical scores while the smaller number (under the large score) represents the autonomic nervous system. These scores are based on a large database of images taken over 20 plus years. The range of scores is from 0 – 100, with the lowest score being the best outcome. Scores in the 0-45 range are ideal for your age and gender. Scores in the 46-74 range are moderate, and suggest that there are some stressors going on within that system that would benefit by taking some preventative and forward thinking health and lifestyle changes. Scores within the 75-100 range are in the high range and definitely indicate that there are physiological issues within that system that require attention and most likely some form of intervention.

Physical score vs. Autonomic score – what do they mean. The physical score represents the electricity flow and utilization within the physiology of the cells of the body. Are the cells running too much energy through because there is trauma, inflammation, or a problem in the function of that organ? Are the cells not able to produce enough energy because they are not processing the air that you breathe, or the water you drink, or the food that you eat efficiently?
The autonomic score represents a new concept in that now we are able to measure and assess the effects of stress both perceived by the body as well as demonstrating how the body is managing the stressors of your environment. The autonomic nervous system is representative of the mind, the mind is the director of your biology.
In addition to the overall scores for each system, there are percent risk scores provided. These scores based on research and bayesian analytics provide a risk assessment for the potential presence of disease within that system. The higher the number the greater the risk that there is an actual dis-ease process present in that system.

Beyond the Dashboard:
This section of the report provides a quick look at the individual organs that are reporting energy scores that are above and beyond the normal scale. These organs, whether representative of the physical or autonomic system, indicate an organ that is significantly out of bounds of what would be considered a normal range of response.

Potential Disease Indicators – a portion of the report where patterns of energy movement are identified and presented as issues that might be present within your body. There are several, in fact hundreds of patterns that the system can identify for you, assisting you with identifying areas of concern within the body that can be easily addressed before becoming problematic.

This summary page provides highlighted areas within the body that would benefit from your attention and intervention.

The History and Trends portion of the report allows you to see the progress you have made over time. The information allows for further optimization of the interventions you have chosen to improve your health and wellbeing outcomes.
Each of the main body systems portrayed in your systems dashboard is given an in depth look via the Health-E-Circuit report’s system section. Each system section provided deeper insights into the energy usage of the individual organs that make up the whole system. It provides both the Nervous System, as well as the Physical System scores for each organ. Some organs have a left and a right, like your kidneys and lungs, but for those that don’t actually have a left and a right, the information is provided so that an understanding of the balance within the organ can be seen. *** Quote article – higher asymmetry of organ energy is representative of disease. Work done by biphotonic researchers such as Dr. Fritz Popp have demonstrated that as the body grows asymmetrically in energy, the greater the risk that a disease process is present. Traditional Chinese Medicine also agrees with growing imbalance within organ systems as being indicative of energy blocks and potential physiological disease being present.