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We Collaborate With Entrepreneurs

No matter what your specialization is or how you work with your clients the BEST scan can help you help your clients make the best decisions when it comes to lifestyle choices, supplement choices as well as assess the efficacy of a variety of therapy choices. With the BEST Scan you will have the opportunity to truly customize each client’s traverse their wellness path.

Collaboration is key to improving client satisfaction and increasing your business by incorporating the BEST Scan and HealthECircuits Resources.


Win – Win we all look for those opportunities right?

Accelerate your business growth and enhance yourclient interactions by incorporating the BEST Scan into your wellness practice.

Working with clients can be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating when looking for the right answers to help them achieve health and well-being.

Incorporating the BEST Scan into your client interaction process can give you insights into what is happening with the client beyond what current conventional testing can provide.

The BEST Scan can also be used to optimize your clients treatment path, making the decision process easier and more efficient to navigate.

Licensing opportunities

HealthECircuits is currently exploring licensing and commercialization collaboration opportunities. For more information please contact Nancy R. Rizzo Ph.D.

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